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i'm scottish; whereabouts do you live, rusty?



I’ve worked 40 hours in the last three days alone and the last thing I need is to come home and have my mother tell me I’m not doing enough to make money around here.

I’m gonna beat her up.

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» fun fact: you are your icon
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no but seriously why even consider getting Destiny when you know Smash Bros is coming out within weeks of it. I mean, you can’t actually tell me your gonna choose Destiny over Smash once it comes out

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Hey Rusty, I've been a follower for a while and recently came across your avatar in All Star Battle and happened to win and I was personally devastated, why aren't you a mlg super pro no scope 360 in mayonaka arena? Also nice Kira skin.

Because I suck shit at fighting games and everyone I’ve ever played on this website has trashed me at whatever fighting game we played at the time. I can usually scrub a win at some point but that doesn’t mean much against James or Shan.

Now that Smash 4 is a thing, what do you think about it? Roster wise? I'm assuming you've messed with the demo?

I like it. I like the new characters, I like the levels, I like the modes, the feel, the alternates, the exclusive levels between versions, the street passes, the amiibos, the music. But I have no idea why Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario aren’t alts. This isn’t a complaint about clones, it’s just a confusing thing?

Like Sakurai put so much work into crafting unique alts for Robin/Reflet, Bowser Jr’s, Samus, Shulk, Little Mac and Olimar? To have their name change, voices change and alter final smashes etc? But they couldn’t do that for those three? I dunno man, it’s the same thing at the end of the day but it’s a rather confusing design choice.

As for Snake, I’m not even bothered because it was an impossible dream. Just confused why Lucas and Ninten weren’t alts for Ness but whatever I guess.

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I was devastated when I booted up Brawl and Link was really slow and clunky and Young Link was nowhere to be seen. But then Toon Link came and saved the day and everything was better than expected.

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If Scotland becomes Independent then what will it mean for you since I don't know much about how things are where you're at

Different government, currency, change to tax laws and lots of other stuff.